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Salad Head

"Salad Head" by artist in residence, Rachel LeChocki


Consommé, a rich broth that is created through a low and slow cooking method that is later refined of impurities with a clarity and transparency to the very bottom of the bowl. 

Just like consommé, we believe it takes time, pressure, and clarification to see the best of ourselves and our abilities. Accessing the space to be calm and creative comes when we choose to slow down and simmer, creating inner peace and good health. 

At Salad Club, we believe that health comes in many forms. What we choose to consume with our eyes, ears, and where we create space, is just as important as what we put into our mouths. We aren't feeding the whole body without breathing in clean air, consuming good food, and spending time to express our truest selves.

In our opinion, this is what artists do best. They change the landscape of communities, inspire change, and make us all feel a bit more connected. They give the world so much and typically receive very little in return. We want to change that.

Even if it's small, we are dedicated to investing in the lives of these unsung heroes who put their passion to the test and share stories with every brushstroke. 

Which is why we're very happy to launch our Salad Club Artist Residency Program, Consommé. in May 2021. 

Four times a year, we will support an artist in Chicago with free salads every week for 3 months. We will also highlight their work on our website, social media, and create merchandise for purchase. Any profit made from this program will go directly to our community partner, The Love Fridge. 

Artists come to us directly or through nomination. If you are interested or know someone you'd like to nominate, simply email us at for more info. 

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